I was invited to give an in-person presentation at re:Invent 2023 on how Northvolt leverages Amazon Web Services (AWS) to scale Li-ion Battery Gigafactories. With me on stage was Karthik Krishnamurthy (Business Development Leader, Manufacturing & Sustainability at AWS) who highlighted the importance of digital manufacturing.

The session covers key components of the Northvolt Connected Factory architecture, including IoT Platform, Cloud MES, Traceability, Interactive Operations, and Data Platform. The concept and design principles of Cloud Factory Modules are introduced as the foundation for our scalability vision.

The full video production is available on YouTube where my part starts at 11:52 (direct link).


Northvolt aims to become Europe’s largest producer of sustainable battery solutions and gigafactories. Northvolt uses AWS for its “Platform” initiative, which includes their Connected Factory and Battery Systems cloud platforms, as well as hosting their PLM system. Their factory blueprint harnesses technology, data, and automation across their factory operations (such as production lines, IT, etc.) to enable a “factory as code” solution to speed the deployment of new facilities as they rapidly expand. Northvolt has also used advanced analytics, simulation techniques, and applied AI on the production line. Learn how Northvolt has improved productivity and quality while reducing time to market.