I was invited to give an in-person presentation at re:Invent 2022 on how Northvolt leverages Amazon Web Services (AWS) to scale Li-ion Battery Gigafactories. With me on stage was Muhammad Sajid (Solutions Architect at AWS) who highlighted the importance of sustainable manufacturing.

The session covers key components of the Northvolt Connected Factory architecture, including IoT Platform, Cloud MES, Traceability, Interactive Operations, and Data Platform. The concept and design principles of Cloud Factory Modules are introduced as the foundation for our scalability vision.

The full video production is available on YouTube where my part starts at 32:14 (direct link).


Designing the factories of the future involves embracing two themes that innovative organizations often prioritize—a cloud-native design and a bias for sustainability. Modern manufacturers are using AWS to model and optimize factory operations and deliver lower-impact products. In this session, learn how battery manufacturer Northvolt manages their factories as digital assets, activating detailed traceability, near real-time monitoring, and machine learning modeling to improve battery quality. Using serverless and open-source frameworks for their digital twins, Northvolt continues to speed innovation and reduce the resources required to produce batteries that support the transition to a decarbonized future.